NBA Star Zion Williamson Faces Controversy As Porn Star Claims Pregnancy And Paternity

Photo: Instagram/Zion Williamson

A recent controversy surrounding NBA star Zion Williamson has emerged as porn star Moriah Mills claims to be pregnant and hints that Williamson may be the father.

Williamson, a two-time NBA All-Star, is currently expecting a child with his girlfriend, Ahkeema. Mills, who previously alleged to have slept with Williamson, took to social media to suggest her pregnancy.

Earlier this month, Mills made headlines when she threatened to release a sex tape involving Williamson and called for the New Orleans Pelicans to trade him. She expressed her frustration after Williamson's girlfriend announced their pregnancy.

Photo: Instagram/Zion Williamson

Adding fuel to the fire, Instagram model Yamille Taylor labeled Williamson a "sex addict" following the pregnancy announcement. Despite the allegations, Williamson has remained silent on the matter, choosing not to respond.

Mills, however, continues to target the Pelicans player and recently shared a video where she appeared to have Williamson's first name tattooed on her face. The pregnancy announcement serves as her latest provocation.

The story also featured an interactive poll on social media where users could vote on potential baby names, including "Junior" and "Zoriah," a combination of Mills and Williamson's first names. Mills has persistently targeted Williamson on Instagram and Twitter, even after facing temporary bans on these platforms.

These developments come at a time when Williamson has been a subject of trade rumors during the NBA offseason leading up to the 2023 NBA Draft. Mills' actions have further complicated the situation for the 22-year-old NBA player.

She tweeted about having sex tapes with Williamson and alleged that he sent people to threaten her, claiming to have physical proof. Screenshots of alleged text message conversations between Mills and Williamson have also been made public, insinuating financial transactions and flight bookings.

In addition to her claims, Mills has received support from Taylor, who also suggests an intimate connection with Williamson. Taylor expressed her disgust, stating that she would join Mills in New Orleans if she were to move there.

She expressed her disdain for Williamson's alleged behavior and questioned his character. As the controversy unfolds, the public awaits further developments and potential responses from Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans organization.

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