Conor McGregor Calls Out Justin Gaethje After UFC 291: 'I'll Slap You Around' In Fiery Twitter Exchange

Photo: Instagram/Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor wasted no time in reigniting his feud with Justin Gaethje after Gaethje's impressive victory over Dustin Poirier, crowning him the UFC's second BMF champion.

Despite McGregor's two-year absence due to a broken leg, he's eager to face Gaethje and expressed his intentions on Twitter, stating he'll "slap [Gaethje] around" and asserting his claim as the real BMF. The rivalry between McGregor and Gaethje dates back to 2019 when they were supposed to fight, but an injury thwarted the bout.

This recent exchange on social media indicates that tensions between them are far from subsiding. McGregor is also set to face Michael Chandler later in the year, though official confirmation awaits his USADA testing completion.

Photo: Instagram/Conor McGregor

Gaethje's victory over Poirier was impressive, culminating with a powerful head kick that secured his new BMF champion title. However, McGregor seemed unimpressed with Gaethje's performance, suggesting that he has something to prove in their potential clash.

While Gaethje expressed respect for Poirier and his desire to compete for Islam Makhachev's undisputed world title, McGregor remains focused on his own path, aiming to call the shots and make his return to the octagon memorable.

In the past, Gaethje had faced Chandler en route to his previous world title bout, which he ultimately lost to 
Charles Oliveira. Despite some setbacks, Gaethje remains determined to achieve championship success.

Both McGregor and Gaethje have their respective goals and aspirations within the UFC, and their intense rivalry has undoubtedly added excitement and anticipation to the sport. Fans eagerly await further developments in their potential showdown and the outcome of their individual pursuits in the octagon.

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