Fox Sports' 'Undisputed' On Hiatus: Struggles To Find Shannon Sharpe's Successor Leave Skip Bayless Show In Limbo

Photo: Instagram/Shannon Sharpe

Fox Sports 1's popular talk show, "Undisputed," hosted by Skip Bayless, has been on hiatus since the departure of Shannon Sharpe, and according to recent reports, the show won't return until the end of August.

The reason for the hiatus stems from the challenges faced by Bayless and the Fox Sports management in finding a suitable successor for the Pro Football Hall of Famer who left the show last month. Bayless and Sharpe had an on-air partnership for a successful seven-year run, despite occasional setbacks in ratings.

Given Bayless's confrontational style, finding someone willing to engage with him on a daily basis was always going to be a daunting task. However, it seems that this has become a long-term predicament for the network.

Photo: Instagram/Shannon Sharpe

Several potential successors have been mentioned, including Keyshawn Johnson and Max Kellerman, both of whom were recently laid off by ESPN. Additionally, Fox Sports 1's own LeSean McCoy, Nick Wright, Emmanuel Acho, and Joy Taylor are also being considered.

Despite being a flagship show for FS1, there is reportedly a reluctance among the candidates to partner with Bayless. This hesitation arises from the fact that Bayless holds the final say on all internal decisions for the show, making it challenging for potential co-hosts to enter into a working relationship where their counterpart has full control.

It's undoubtedly difficult to step into the arena every day when your opponent holds all the strings and receives a larger paycheck. The situation has not been enjoyable for Bayless either, as Sharpe's departure caught them off guard.

The suddenness of Sharpe's exit forced them to go on hiatus. Bayless, who has had a lengthy career at both FS1 and ESPN, has never experienced anything like this before. The break from being on air during the NBA's flurry of offseason moves has reportedly been hard on him.

Bayless, however, has been attempting to spin the hiatus in a positive light, suggesting that it offers an opportunity to revamp "
Undisputed" for the better. Despite the optimism, specific details regarding the show's retooling remain scarce.

It is worth noting that Bayless is currently under contract with Fox Sports until 2025, having signed a four-year extension worth $32 million. Despite overtures from ESPN to reunite him with his former partner Stephen A. Smith on "First Take," Bayless remains interested in a potential reunion. However, the prospects of such a reunion happening in the near future are uncertain.

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