Rising Star Austin Reaves: Choosing The Lakers Over The Draft Proves A Genius Move

Photo: Instagram/Austin Reaves

Austin Reaves made a bold decision that paid off immensely for him in the end. 

During the 2021 NBA Draft, he intentionally chose to go un-drafted, with a clear purpose in mind - to join the Los Angeles Lakers for the platform they could offer. Many players opt for more lucrative deals, but Reaves believed that being in the right environment was crucial for his long-term success. 

By betting on himself and turning down potential second-round selections, Reaves sent a clear message to teams that he had his sights set on the Lakers all along. He recognized the unique opportunity to be part of a team with a massive platform in the NBA. 

Photo: Instagram/Austin Reaves

Despite the chance to make immediate money, Reaves wisely understood that going to the wrong team could hurt his future prospects. Thus, he stood firm in his decision to head to LA, where he believed he could thrive. 

Choosing to forego the draft and join the Lakers as an undrafted player was an unconventional move, especially for someone as young as Reaves. While many players dream of hearing their name called on draft night, Reaves had his eyes on the bigger picture. 

His decision proved fruitful as he quickly established himself as a key player for the Lakers, earning recognition as their third best player. Moreover, he secured a substantial four-year contract worth an impressive $56 million - a testament to his talent and dedication. 

By making this shrewd move, Reaves positioned himself for even greater success in the future. If he continues to excel, his next contract could be even more lucrative. 

The Lakers are undoubtedly grateful for his presence and the impact he has made on the team. In the end, Austin Reaves' decision to go un-drafted for platform purposes has been validated, as he thrives with the Lakers and secures a bright future in the NBA. 

His story serves as a reminder that sometimes, taking an unconventional path can lead to extraordinary rewards.

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Source: Sports Illustrated


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