Ryan Garcia Hits The Jackpot: Confirms $30M Earnings From Gervonta Davis Showdown!

Photo: Instagram/Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia has officially confirmed that he earned a staggering $30 million from his high-profile bout against Gervonta Davis, which headlined the Showtime PPV event in April.

The fight proved to be a massive financial success, raking in a total of $100 million in revenue. Speculation arises that Davis likely received a purse ranging from $40 to $50 million, potentially leading to his absence from the ring this year.

Given the substantial payday Davis received, some question whether he will be motivated enough to return to action soon, especially after his effortless seventh-round knockout victory over Garcia. The latter endured a liver shot and took a knee, prompting concerns about his willingness to challenge Davis again.

Photo: Instagram/Ryan Garcia

Oscar De La Hoya also revealed Garcia's $30 million earnings, although he expressed concerns about the 136-lb catchweight that Garcia had agreed to, as it seemed to weaken him during the fight. Nevertheless, Garcia's net worth skyrocketed from a reported $20 million to an impressive $50 million after the bout.

His decision to move to Dallas, Texas, was influenced by the city's beautiful and surprisingly affordable housing, despite the weather resembling that of Las Vegas. However, some boxing enthusiasts on social media feel that Garcia did not deserve the fight with Davis due to his perceived lackluster resume, filled with weak opposition throughout his career.

Still, Garcia secured the opportunity to face Davis because of his massive following on Instagram (11 million followers), his relatively inexperienced status, poor defensive skills, and the perceived weakness of his prior opponents. The likelihood of Garcia returning to the ring this year appears higher than that of Davis, as he is seemingly more ambitious and eager to enhance his skills.

Recently, Garcia has been diligently training with his new coach, Derrick James, in Dallas, with the ultimate goal of becoming a world champion. In contrast, Davis has faced legal issues and has only made headlines by flaunting vast amounts of cash following his release from jail.

While Davis is embroiled in legal matters, Garcia has numerous options for his next fight in the light welterweight division (140 lbs), depending on whether he wants to take a risky challenge or not. One of the easier paths for Garcia to secure a championship belt would be facing WBC light welterweight champion Rolando 'Rolly' Romero.

However, Romero has been ordered to defend his title against mandatory challenger Ohara Daviees. This situation leaves Garcia with a choice: wait for the opportunity to face Romero or pursue other options without delay, a decision that could significantly impact his career trajectory.

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Source: Boxing News 24 

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