Steph Curry Recalls 'Truly Special' Kobe Memories That Shaped His Career

Photo: Instagram/Steph Curry

Steph Curry, much like his contemporaries, grew up admiring Kobe Bryant's championship-winning performances with the Los Angeles Lakers.

During a recent appearance on the "Hot Ones" show with host Sean Evans, Curry fondly recounted three cherished encounters with the late basketball legend. The first memory took place during Curry's rookie season in 2009-10 when he was just 21 years old and still finding his footing in the NBA.

In a game against the Lakers at Oracle Arena, Curry executed a skillful move near the paint, banking in a step-back jumper off the glass. The broadcast quickly cut to Bryant sitting on the bench, visibly impressed, which left a lasting impact on Curry.

Photo: Instagram/Steph Curry

It was an extraordinary moment for him to have his game acknowledged and validated by Kobe Bryant. The second anecdote involved a preseason matchup between the Warriors and Lakers early in Curry's career.

Known for his relentless defense, Bryant guarded Curry intensely, hounding him 94 feet down the court. Despite being thrown off-balance by Bryant's physicality, Curry managed to sink a 3-point shot from a remarkable 30 feet out.

He played it cool on the outside, but internally, he was thrilled to have made such a shot against one of his idols. The final memory Curry shared was when Bryant recognized the "killer instinct" in him while playing on the court.

Despite Curry's jovial demeanor and constant smile, Bryant could see the fierce determination within him. For Curry, this validation from a player of Bryant's stature was an incredibly special and rare moment.

Throughout the interview, Curry expressed his gratitude and admiration for Kobe Bryant, emphasizing the impact Bryant had on him and his game. The memories he shared underscored the profound influence Bryant had on a young Curry, motivating him to become one of the greatest shooters and players in NBA history.

These encounters with the "Black Mamba" will forever hold a special place in Curry's heart, serving as a constant reminder of the inspiration he received from a true basketball legend.

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