CC And Amber Sabathia: Shaping The Future of Baseball Together

Photo: Instagram/CC Sabathia

In a captivating new feature story by Boardroom, the dynamic duo of CC Sabathia and his wife, Amber Sabathia, is making waves in the world of baseball, pushing the sport toward an exciting future.

Their collective dedication to the game extends far beyond CC's illustrious pitching career, redefining what it means to be a family rooted in baseball. Both iconic figures in their own right, CC and Amber Sabathia are determined to influence the direction of America's favorite pastime.

In an exclusive interview for Boardroom's cover story, CC expressed his admiration for legendary couples like Billye and Hank Aaron, and Jackie and Rachel Robinson, whom they look up to as role models for their relationship and business in baseball.

Photo: Instagram/CC and Amber Sabathia

CC Sabathia's post-retirement journey has seen him working as a special assistant to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, where he serves as a baseball ambassador and sits on the board of directors for the Players Alliance, an organization dedicated to fostering diversity in baseball. Meanwhile, Amber Sabathia has carved her own path as a baseball agent for CAA, representing players like Hunter Greene of the Reds and Jordan Walker of the Cardinals.

She explained her passion for her work, saying, "When it's your passion and your purpose and you're good at it... I knew that this was what our purpose was. For CC, mentoring the next generation and helping them on the field. For me, I love mentoring and helping them off the field. And together, it's a dynamic duo."

The Sabathias' contributions extend beyond their professional roles, as they jointly run the PitCCh In Foundation, founded in 2008 to give back to their community, and their media company, Grapefruit Media, which is dedicated to empowering minority athletes. Even their son, Carsten, is deeply involved in the family's baseball endeavors, pursuing a baseball career as a first baseman at Georgia Tech.

Reflecting on his retirement and continued involvement in the sport, CC Sabathia said, "I knew that [Amber] wanted to become an agent, and I knew my son was going to be on his journey. But I thought, once I retired: 'Oh, I'm done with baseball. I lived that life.' But no. I'm a baseball lifer. It's in my blood. I love being around the stadium, I love working at [MLB] and having a hand in what goes on day-to-day with the league. We're a baseball family. And for the longest time, I think I tried to fight that. But now, just getting into the second half of my life, it kind of is who we are."

CC and Amber Sabathia's unwavering commitment to the game and their unique contributions to its growth make them an inspiring force in the world of baseball. As they continue to shape the future of the sport, their story serves as a testament to the enduring power of passion and purpose in the baseball world.

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