Nikola Jokić's Buzzer-Beater Miracle Lifts Denver Nuggets To Stunning Victory Over Warriors In Thriller

Photo: Instagram/Nikola Jokić 

In the final moments of a tied game against the Warriors, Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone strategically positioned Nikola Jokić as the safety valve for an inbound pass.

With primary options unavailable, Aaron Gordon delivered the ball to Jokić, who, with three seconds left, dribbled across half-court and unleashed a 40-foot shot over Kevon Looney, banking it in as the buzzer sounded. This miraculous shot secured a breathtaking 130-127 victory for the Nuggets, who had trailed by 18 points in the fourth quarter but closed with a remarkable 25-4 run.

Jokić's stellar performance included 34 points, 10 assists, and nine rebounds, while tying the game at 127 with a crucial jumper. Coach Malone praised Jokić for executing the play to perfection, emphasizing the incredible plays great players make.

Photo: Instagram/Nikola Jokić 

Jokić, humble in his approach, mentioned he was simply trying to get a bit closer and throw it to the basket, considering it the easiest option available. The defending champion Nuggets extended their impressive streak, winning 11 of their last 13 games and securing a sixth consecutive road victory.

Despite the Warriors' efforts, they fell to a 1-3 start on their seven-game homestand, adding to their struggles in maintaining double-digit leads this season. Aaron Gordon contributed significantly with 30 points for Denver, while Jamal Murray added 25.

On the Warriors' side, Stephen Curry led with 30 points, and Klay Thompson contributed 24. Jokić's confidence in critical moments, as noted by Nuggets forward Peyton Watson, proves vital for the team.

Watson highlighted Jokić's poise and even-keeled demeanor, emphasizing how it positively impacts the team's collective composure. The game showcased the Nuggets' resilience, particularly in response to Golden State's dominant third quarter.

Despite trailing by double digits early in the second half, the Nuggets took a 70-63 lead into halftime, shooting an impressive 62% from the field. Coach Malone expressed pride in his team's response, stating that maintaining composure in the face of adversity, especially on the road, was a commendable feat.

The absence of Draymond Green, suspended indefinitely, and Gary Payton II's extended absence due to a strained hamstring presented additional challenges for the Warriors. Green's anticipated return and Payton's re-evaluation in three weeks will impact the team moving forward. (Source: The Guardian)

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