Dustin Poirier Reveals Decision To Take UFC 299 Co-Main Event Against Benoit Saint-Denis and Push for Five Rounds

Photo: Instagram/Dustin Poirier

Defying his previous preference for household names or particularly meaningful fights, Dustin Poirier opens up about his decision to face Benoit Saint-Denis in the co-main event at UFC 299 in an unexpected turn of events.

Poirier, who witnessed Saint-Denis's impressive performance last November, initially doubted a potential matchup but found motivation in the rising star's hungry pursuit.

Speaking on "The MMA Hour," Poirier clarified, "I needed something to get me up in the morning. I respect this sport, and I'm 35 years old now. This guy is a young, hungry lion who is on a streak.

Photo: Instagram/Dustin Poirier

Somebody gave me my shot to crack in, so I respect the game. That's what I'm doing. Let's see if I still (can do it). March 9, buy the pay-per-view and we'll see. We'll find out."

Despite the bout not being for a title and lacking headliner status, Poirier successfully negotiated for a five-round clash, citing his belief that the better fighter emerges over a more extended contest. 

The seasoned fighter expressed his eagerness for the challenge, emphasizing his dedication to the sport and the opportunity to test his abilities against a formidable opponent. (SOURCE: MMA Junkie)

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