Warriors' Woes Continue In 'Non-Steph Minutes' Against Timberwolves

Photo: Instagram/Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors once again grappled with their Achilles' heel: the absence of Stephen Curry

Despite a valiant effort, the Warriors fell short in a 114-110 loss, highlighting the critical dependence on Curry's presence on the court.

Curry's absence during crucial stretches, particularly in the fourth quarter, proved detrimental as the Timberwolves capitalized on his downtime to seize momentum and ultimately secure the victory.

Photo: Instagram/Stephen Curry 

Despite Curry's stellar performance with 31 points, the Warriors struggled to maintain their footing without their talismanic leader.

Coach Steve Kerr's strategic decision to manage Curry's minutes reflects the team's long-term approach to preserving his health and prolonging his career. 

However, the lingering issue of navigating "non-Steph minutes" continues to haunt the Warriors, exposing vulnerabilities in their lineup despite their depth and talent.

As the Warriors enter the final stretch of the season with 12 games remaining, the spotlight intensifies on their ability to adapt and thrive without overreliance on Curry.

With upcoming matchups against lesser opponents, the Warriors face a critical juncture in their quest for playoff contention, where maximizing Curry's impact while mitigating his workload remains paramount.

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Source: NBC Sports 


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