Jake Paul Triumphs In Unanimous Decision Victory Over Nate Diaz And Offers $10 Million MMA Rematch

Photo: Instagram/Jake Paul

Jake Paul secured a unanimous decision victory against UFC legend Nate Diaz, and then extended a $10 million offer for an MMA rematch.

In the course of the bout, Paul managed to knock down Diaz during the fifth round, although he had to withstand a late flurry of attacks from his opponent. The ringside judges awarded Paul scores of 97-92, 98-91, and 98-91 for his performance.

In the opening round, Paul's strong offense put Diaz on the defensive, as he struggled to maintain his balance against Paul's barrage of punches. However, Diaz managed to stay in the fight without landing significant hits.

Photo: Instagram/Nate Diaz executed a guillotine choke on Jake Paul during the final round of their boxing match.

The second round showed improvement for Diaz as he closed the distance and connected with punches, despite Paul's more prominent shots. Throughout the third round, Paul demonstrated superior technique with crisp strikes, while Diaz's returns lacked the same impact.

In the fourth round, Diaz relentlessly attacked Paul, causing the latter to show signs of fatigue for the first time in the match. Paul rebounded in the fifth round, knocking down Diaz with a clean left hook and attempting to finish the fight.

Entering the sixth round, Paul exhibited a more composed style, landing clean shots without rushing in for a hasty stoppage. Diaz had a successful round seven, making Paul cover up with numerous strikes.

The eighth round saw Diaz pushing the pace and seemingly troubling a fatigued Paul. Paul displayed his endurance in the ninth round by delivering impressive shots, but Diaz managed to push him back.

The fight continued in a similar manner in the tenth round, with Paul surviving Diaz's final flurry. In his post-fight interview, Paul expressed his desire for an MMA rematch, an idea that Diaz seemed open to considering despite previously rejecting a $10 million offer.

As both fighters have unresolved issues, including potential matches against Tommy Fury and Conor McGregor, it remains uncertain whether they will face each other in their next bout or further down the line.

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