Steve Kerr Reveals Lakers' Playoff Expose: Warriors' Quest for Redemption in 2023

Photo: Instagram/Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, has offered insights into why his team felt "exposed" by the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2022-23 playoffs, following their successful NBA title run in 2022.

The Warriors' tumultuous season concluded with a second-round playoff exit at the hands of LeBron James and the Lakers. They narrowly avoided a first-round loss to the Sacramento Kings thanks to Stephen Curry's remarkable 50-point Game 7 performance.

In response to this disappointment, the Warriors underwent significant changes during the offseason, most notably trading Jordan Poole for veteran point guard Chris Paul. This transition has been described as "seamless" by Curry, giving the team a new offensive dimension.

Photo: Instagram/Steve Kerr

Coach Kerr admitted that the Lakers exposed a key weakness in the Warriors' game, stating, "We were not a very well-rounded team last year. They bottled us up defensively and we didn't have a counter. We've got to make sure we have counters this year."

During the playoffs, the Warriors struggled offensively, averaging only 110 points per game compared to their regular-season average of over 115 points per 100 possessions. Curry, their star player, faced shooting challenges, converting just 44% from the field and 34% from beyond the arc in the series.

Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins were the only other players to average double-digit points. Jordan Poole, who had a rough series, has been replaced by Chris Paul, aiming to provide a reliable offensive solution during tough times.

Another glaring issue against the Lakers was the Warriors' lack of size, allowing LeBron James and Anthony Davis to dominate in the paint. This led to an average of nearly 50 points in the paint and over 14 second-chance points per game for the Lakers.

Draymond Green expressed the need to add size to the roster to counter such challenges. As it stands, the Warriors' tallest player is Dario Saric at 6-10, followed by Kevon Looney, rookie Trayce Jackson-Davis, and veteran Rudy Gay, all standing at 6-foot-9.

There's been a recurring discussion about the Warriors' need for a big man, and this might be addressed under the new general manager, Mike Dunleavy Jr., who replaced Bob Myers.

In conclusion, the Warriors' playoff loss to the Lakers prompted them to reevaluate their team's weaknesses, resulting in significant offseason personnel changes and the possibility of altering their tactics to better adapt to challenges in the upcoming season.

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