Julio Cesar Chavez Reaches Out To Ryan Garcia With An Emotional Message: 'I Went Through The Same Thing'

Photo: Instagram/Julio Cesar Chavez

Ryan Garcia, the young boxing star, has been facing a series of setbacks. Recently, his father and trainer, Henry Garcia, expressed concerns about Ryan's emotional health and increasing alcohol use. Despite achieving a major victory by knocking out Devin Haney, Ryan's troubles soon followed.

Garcia was expelled from the WBC after addiction issues and a positive doping test from his fight against Haney. He also failed to make weight for the match, which meant he couldn’t win the WBC super lightweight title and was fined heavily.

Though Garcia has publicly apologized and promised to start rehabilitation, many in the boxing community are worried. They doubt if Garcia truly understands the seriousness of his actions and the urgent need for rehab.

Photo: Instagram/Julio Cesar Chavez

Boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez, who has battled addiction himself, reached out to Garcia with a heartfelt message on his X account. "I also went through what you are going through," Chavez said. "Please give it your all, ask for help...we'll give it to you."

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman also emphasized Chavez's message, reminding Garcia that many fighters have overcome dark times. Sulaiman introduced the video noting Chavez's nearing 15 years of sobriety. "Direct message from @Jcchavez115 to @RyanGarcia. Julio will celebrate next month 15 years sober," he wrote.

Chavez's own battle with addiction has been widely known. He has talked openly about his struggles with alcohol and cocaine, which nearly ruined his career and life. Despite being undefeated for 89 fights, his addiction issues brought him close to death and damaged his career.

Chavez revealed that his victory celebrations often turned into days-long binges and that he would start his day with a beer. His severe cocaine problem also affected his eldest son, Julio Cesar Jr., who had to undergo rehabilitation, costing him the prime years of his career.

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